quinta-feira, 20 de março de 2008

Dear Cousin "Primos" Lem and others Lem/Lems/Lemm

Dear Cousin "Primos" Lem and others Lem/Lems/Lemm

We were very honored to receive so important relatives
from Europe, Ruud Lem and his wife Louisa.

The LEME family in Pindamonhangaba as Ruud could see
has brought important traces of Lems from Brugges,
bringing straight way of living in society, catholic
ones, keeping their importance to be a LEME and
developing business.

The Captain Antonio Bicudo Leme' soul, my ancestor, I
am sure from his tomb could see us when visiting him,
remembering the history of the family.

This Ruud's trip gave us a sensation of returning to
past times when we came to Brazil coming from Portugal
and from Brugges.

We could feel the Lem's members are connected using to
discover their ancestors, because as I said in
Pindamonhangaba during Ruud visit , "The future
depends on the past" it means our future depends we
can collect the best examples from our relatives have
experienced in the past and becoming each of us nearer
to be not lost in the middle of billions of people.

The best and most important two authors about
genealogy and families' histories in Sao Paulo State
were both LEME, Pedro Taques Paes Leme and Luiz
Gonzada da Silva Leme. The books are very real and a

We have united our families to become a small world,
so at this point my yougest son, Fernando Bueno, 27
old, a young lawyer is studing in London, England, and
he will have an opportunity to visit Ruud's family in
New Milton.

We hope organize a meeting in Brugges inviting several
Lemes from Brazil and Lem /Lems/ Lemm from Europe, to
celebrate the importance of the past, since our new
world is not going very well about war, terrorism, and
other sins, so perhaps we can build a chain of love to
spread to mankind.

We, Benjamin Bueno family would like to say thank you
for Ruud and all Leme relatives have received this
very nice couple in Brazil in 2008. This trip was


Benjamin Bueno

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